Regolamento CE 561/2006


EC Regulation 561/2006 currently defines the regulations in force in all EU member states on driving times/rest periods for bus drivers.

We adhere strictly to these regulations and employ two drivers for long journeys if necessary. So you can be assured that there will always be a “rested” driver at the wheel of our buses.

EC REGULATION 561/2006 detail:
Driving time break A. least 45 minutes after 4.5 hours of driving
B. a 15 minute break is allowed, if followed by another 30 minute break
Daily driving time A. 9 hours maximum
B. it can be extended to 10 hours at most, twice a week
Weekly driving time A. 56 hours maximum per week
B. 90 hours maximum (over two consecutive weeks)
Daily rest periods A. 11 hours minimum
B. it can be divided into 2 periods. In this case, there must be at least 12 resting hours. It can be divided into 3 and then 9 hours.
C. there can be 3 reduced daily rest periods between 2 weekly rest periods. Compensation is not required anymore!
D. in case of a journey with more than one driver, at least 9 hours every 30 hours
Weekly rest periods A. 45 hours minimum, including a daily rest period
B. there can be a reduction to 24 hours, but the following must be met within 2 weeks:
a) 2 45-hour rest periods, or
b) 1 45-hour rest period with, additionally, a rest period of at least 24 hours (a compensatory rest period must be taken within 3 weeks)
C. the weekly rest period must be planned after six 24-hour periods (no exceptions are permitted!)